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Why is Security Important

Protect your Family

The safety of you & your family is one of the most important aspects of life. Possessions can be replaced, but lives can't.

2.4% of Australian Homes Burglarized in 2020

Cash, Laptops and Jewellery were the top three possessions stolen.

436,615  Theft Victims in Australia for 2020

It's not just about the loss of items, but feelings of shock, anger, fear and vulnerability after becoming a victim.

“My goal is to help our readers avoid the junk and get a quality, reliable security camera system at a great price”

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There are so many different camera brands and endless model numbers that too much choice becomes a problem. How do you choose what camera setup is best for you?

This site can help you understand the lingo, figure out what you need and get a good price for it.

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