Construction & Building Site Security Cameras

Whether you are a property owner looking to protect your new build, or a building company experiencing theft, a construction site security camera might be the right solution for you.

In this article, we talk about what a construction site camera is, why they are needed, and what common features they have.

by Bryce Whitty

Bryce is a registered Security Advisor who started ProtectFind to help people get the right security system for their goals.


What is a Construction Site Security Camera?

A construction site camera is a camera that automatically records footage on job sites, is usually solar powered, and has its own 4G internet connection.

If you have ever been to a new residential estate under construction or commercial building sites, you have likely seen a construction site security camera.

They are prevalent in the construction industry and are usually made up of a security camera, solar panel, electronics box, and mounted on a tall pole. They may have other features like strobe lights or floodlights.

Some of these on site construction cameras are movable, while others have their poles concreted into the ground.

Construction Security Camera with Solar Panel


Types of Construction Camera

Consumer-Level Solar 4G Camera

A consumer-level 4G camera with a solar panel is a common choice for property owners who want to keep an eye out for both thieves and an eye on the builders themselves.

With a battery, solar panel and 4G modem on the camera, these are mostly self sufficent. However, long-term reliabilty of consumer-level cameras and can be a problem.

Consumer Solar 4G Camera

4G Trail Camera

4G-enabled Trail Cameras are occasionally used to monitor construction sites. They often work on battery only but can also have a solar panel connected to supplement its battery levels. They usually only record when there is motion detected to conserve battery life.

The main benefit of a 4G Trail Camera is they are self contained and portable. They don't need to be permantly affixed to a wall or a pole.

However, since they use PIR detection technology to preserve their batteries, their detection range is usually within 10 metres and can sometimes miss events.

Trail Security Camera

Professional Solar Construction Camera

Professional building site security cameras are extremely common at construction sites and often paid for by the builders themselves.

Some can be not much more than a camera, NVR and solar panel. Othres can be well featured with a strobe light, flood light, and sirens.

They can be rented for around $200-300 a month, or purchased outright for $2000-3000 depending on its capabilties. The pole is usually concreted into the ground when it is first installed.
These are highly reliable and one of the best solutions to help reduce theft and prevent false alarms at a building site.

Pole Mounted Construction Security Camera


Common Features of Construction Site Security Cameras

Live view

Most security cameras allow you to log in to the camera system using a smart phone and see a live view, and receive push notifications as events happen.

Playback on your smartphone

You will also have access to an App or website that allows you to review previously recording video footage.

Intelligent AI

Many building site cameras include human and vehicle detection AI to help prevent false alarms, rather than just primitive motion detection.

Strobe Light

Some construction site security cameras have a strobe light that can be triggered to go off when there is motion detected. Some can be manually activated.

Flood Light

Some camera systems can turn on floodlights at night time when motion is detected. This can provide more light for the camera to get a better shot and switch the camera out of nighttime infrared mode and into colour night vision to capture colour detail (the car was blue, their jacket was red etc.)

4G Modem

No onsite internet connection is needed as site cameras usually have 4G modems to communicate with the internet. An internet connection is needed if you wish to recieve real-time push notifcations to your smart phone.

You can self monitor your camera system, or pay for a 24/7 monitoring service. We have another article about the 4G connectivity here.

Solar Panels

No power is needed at the site, as most are solar-powered and make use of a battery

Construction Site Security Camera


Construction Time Lapse Camera

A time-lapse camera at a construction site sounds like a "nice to have", but it is an essential tool in any construction project. Not for building site security, but for project management.

A time lapse camera will take photos at a set interval, every hour, every few hours, or even once a day.

Here is an example of a very short time lapse:

Construction time-lapse cameras can be used for:

Project Documentation

By looking at the time and date on individual pictures in the time-lapse, you can see when parts of the project were completed. 


A time-lapse camera can help solve WorkCover disputes as it could show whether the building team had adequately set up the required safety measures. If criminals stole some company assets, you could prove to the insurance company what and where the object was.

Progress and Marketing

It is sometimes hard to see the progress of a project on day by day basis, so a time-lapse can demonstrate how the project is proceeding on a more macro level. The time lapse can also be shown to investors or potential buyers.


Other Uses for On Site Cameras

Building site security isn't the only use for this type of camera. They can also be used for:

  • Preventing rubbish dumping in isolated areas
  • Remote farm cameras
  • On site security cameras for public events


Frequently Asked Questions

How can construction sites prevent trespass?

Beyond having fencing, building site security cameras can use lights and sirens to deter criminals, as well as notifying the owner and relevant authorities of an intrusion.

How much does a construction site camera cost?

They can be rented for around $200-300 a month, or sometimes purchased outright for $2000-3000 depending on the capabilities of the camera.


What’s Next?

Hopefully, that clears up some of your questions about building site security cameras. If you still have any additional questions, you can email us here, and I'll be happy to answer them.

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