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Who is Uniview (UNV)?

Uniview (Zhejiang Uniview Technologies Co., Ltd.) are based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

They have offices in Europe and the Americas but unfortunately don't have an Australian customer support branch.
However, since it is mostly security installers who sell Uniview, you can likely get help through your installer.

Is Uniview a Good Brand?

Uniview was ranked fourth in the global market of video surveillance products in 2020 and third in China. Third only to the industry giants Hikvision and Dahua.

They offer excellent Prosumer-grade security cameras, which are made with quality materials. Their high quality makes them a good choice for small business applications and enterprise-level, as well as being cost-effective for residential buyers.

Their product offerings are well varied without the problem of too much choice (unlike Dahua).

Uniview security cameras come with a three-year manufacturer warranty in Australia but should last well beyond that due to their high-quality construction.

The installation of their Uniview's IP cameras is straightforward and have simplified management interfaces. However, they also have advanced options available for anyone who wants to get into the advanced features.

Uniview's popularity in the video surveillance world has been rising year on year but has recently risen sharply due to the recent banning of Hikvision and Dahua in the United States. However, only some of Uniview's models are not affected by the ban.

Uniview manufacture for many brands all over the world, but the white-labelled IP camera brands we see here in Australia are:

Uniview (UNV) PTZ Active Deterrence Camera

Uniview (UNV) PTZ Active Deterrence Camera

Uniview Product Lines: Easy, Prime, and Pro

Uniview divides its product lines into three groups. Easy, Prime, and Pro. Here is a summary of each:

  • Easy: Cost effective designed for residential properties and small businesses. Even at this entry level price point, Uniview cameras a highly reliable with great images, but lacks smart fuctions like face detection, intrusion, line crossing, and defocus detection. Some product names in the Easy line are EasyStar and StarLight.
  • Prime: Middle price range with smart functions like face detection, line crossing etc.. A wide range of product options in this series for various situations such is 2MP to 8MP resolution, built in microphone and audio, I/O interfaces to connect them to alarms, boom gates etc..
  • Pro: Higher priced designed for enterprise sitations. Contains the smart functions seen in the Prime level, but extra features such as license plate reading and detection, auto-tracking on their PTZ cameras. Some models in this line have a 12MP resolution with Laser Infrared

What is Uniview LightHunter?

Uniview LightHunter is the UNV camera's low-light, colour night vision technology. It is designed to give clear and colour images in ultra-low light situations. They do this by having a large camera Iris's (f1.2) and a large back-illuminated sensor. They then use software algorithms to reduce the graininess and blur in the footage in low light situations.

Uniview LightHunter

Where are Uniview's IP Cameras Manufactured?

Uniview CCTV hardware is manufactured in Hangzhou, China (specifically Tongxiang). The city of Hangzhou is considered China's "Silicon Valley" equivalent.

Who Makes Uniview IP Cameras?

Uniview are their own manufacturers. There are thousands of security brands putting their label on various hardware (known as white-labelling), but only a handful of actual manufacturers. UNV is one of those.

Is Uniview (UNV) a Chinese company?

Yes, Uniview is a Chinese company. They started in 2005 as the surveillance arm of a company called H3C, a joint venture between Huawei and 3Com. In 2011 they split off the main brand and were renamed "Uniview" when the US-based private equity firm "Bain" purchased it. It was eventually sold back to a Chinese company in 2017.

Is Uniview NDAA Compliant?

A common question asked is: "Is Uniview Banned?", but it isn't a yes or no answer.

Uniview security camera's primarily use Huawei Hisilicon chips which are banned under the United States "National Defense Authorisation Act" (NDAA).

However, a small part of their lineup is NDAA compliant. UNV maintains a list of the NDAA compliant models HERE.

Who Owns Uniview?

The US-based private equity firm "Bain" sold it to "Hangzhou Jiaozhi Technologies Co." in 2017, which is owned by "China TransInfo Technology Co., Ltd". China TransInfo primarily focuses on the transportation industry, offering smart traffic management devices and traffic data.

Is Uniview Dahua?

There appears to be no link between Uniview and Dahua, despite their camera naming conventions being similar. Officially, they are competitors with each other.

Uniview App: What App does Uniview Use?

You might be wondering how to get Uniview cameras onto your phone. They make use of the following Apps:

Just create an account, scan the QR code displayed on your screen and all of your settings get automatically added to the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Uniview made by Hikvision?

No. Uniview (UNV) is not made by Hikvision. While they are both large security camera manufacturers based in the same city, Uniview is not a Hikvision OEM.