Choosing Security Cameras Infographic

In choosing cameras for your home, what is important for you?

  • Seeing well at night?
  • Seeing far?
  • Remote Monitoring?

Infographic on Choosing Security Cameras

Avoid wireless if possible!

Wireless cameras of any brand are prone to signal interference and easily disabled with a $10 device on eBay.

Wired is always more reliable.


More megapixels isn’t necessarily better!

During the day, more megapixels helps. At night, more megapixels can make the image worse due to how camera sensors work. 4MP is ideal for good day and night viewing.


Sensor size is often overlooked.

Camera sensor size plays a big part in how well the camera can see at night. Bigger is better as it lets in more light.


Field-of-View and Distance Matters.

Wide field-of-view cameras are popular, but they require the target to be much closer to be identified.


Avoid Consumer-Grade Hardware

Brands like Arlo and Ring are popular but are easily outperformed in both image and product quality by Prosumer grade hardware at a similar price. Consider Dahua or Hikvision


Get Your Cameras Professionally Installed

A good camera poorly positioned with not be useful. Mounting them too high. 7-9 ft is ideal to capture faces while mounting too close to a wall or too far back under the eave resulting in IR washout.

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This article was published on March4th

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