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Who is VIP Vision?

VIP Vision is a private-labelled brand of security products in Australia, distributed by RhinoCo Technology.

They have residential, commercial, and enterprise offerings, including CCTV cameras, intercoms, and access control. They are based in Mulgrave, New South Wales, northwest of Sydney.

VIP Vision / RhinoCo Technology is a wholesaler only and does not sell directly to consumers. You would need to contact a security installer first.

Who Makes VIP Vision?

VIP Vision security products are private labelled. Private labelling is the process of security products produced by one company, and another company puts their label on it. This process is prevalent in all industries.

In this case, the second-largest security product manufacturer in the world "Dahua" makes many of their products and adds the "VIP Vision" logo to them.

The benefit of private labelling is you get products made by one of the worlds leading manufacturers, and have local Australian support. You also have access to the vast product range that Dahua (and in turn VIP Vision) offers.

If you had an issue with your cameras, you would reach out to your local installer, who could then reach out to the Australian wholesaler if need be.

Dahua Security Camera
VIP Vision Security Camera

Are VIP Vision Cameras Any Good?

You may have found this page because you have never heard of them, and wonder if this lesser-known brand makes good cameras.

The answer is yes. The hardware underlying this brand are excellent cameras.

Their cameras are actually Dahua cameras, and Dahua are known for making high quality, Prosumer grade cameras at a reasonable price. 

The product is well supported, and the distributor has created many guide videos on how to use your cameras. We would be happy to have these installed at our house.

VIP Vision vs Hikvision: Which Brand is Better?

This question is more about "Is Dahua or Hikvision better?". Both brands have high and low-end models.
Both brands make high-quality, reliable cameras with advanced technology. The products are comparible in features and capability, however Dahua tends to have a lower price point overall. Which means VIP will likely come out cheaper than Hikvision as well.

Is VIP Vision a Chinese Company?

VIP Vision is an Australian brand distributed by RhinoCo Technology in Australia, the trading name of Cornick Pty Ltd, an Australian business. However, the camera are made by the Chinese company Dahua. 

VIP Vision Camera App

VIP Vision CCTV owners can use the free app DMSS to view your system remotely. It allows you to receive push notifications to your smart phone whenever your cameras detection a person or vehicle. It also allows for P2P discovery during inital setup (though your security installer would handle this normally).

The App allows for professional features like fisheye camera dewarping, pan-tilt-zoom control for PTZ cameras, and wiper activation if your camera features a lens wiper.