UL Tech Security Cameras Review – No Marketing B.S

UL Tech Security Cameras Review – No Marketing B.S

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Who is UL-Tech?

There is very little information available online about who UL-Tech is.

There is no official UL-Tech website and there is no official UL-Tech support phone number.

It appears that if you have a problem with the product you take it back to the store you bought it from.

ULTech appears to be a white-labelled brand for selling in Australia. “White-labelling” is the process of companies buying a pre-existing generic device and printing their brand on it. The same devices are also sold under the name “Anisee” in Australia, and countless other brand names in other countries.

You can find ULTech CCTV in stores such as Myer, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, and numerous electronics clearance websites such as Kogan and Catch.com.au.

Who Makes UT UL-Tech?

Its generic unbranded name is "H.264 DVR/NVR with a Hi3520 (Hisilicon) processor". The DVR may have small aesthetic changes, but it's the same device on the inside.

Here is an example of white-labelling. On the left is the UL-Tech device, on the right is the same device with minor cosmetic changes branded as ANISEE.

UL Tech Review - Example of White-Labelling

Example of UL-Tech White-labelling

UL Tech Security Cameras Review

The specifications of most of these UL Tech security camera kits are just too low to be of much use. They will see what happened (someone broke into your car, for example), but you won't be able to see who did it. Just a "human-shaped figure".

There is a saying: "Spending too little is worse than spending too much".
If you spend too little, the camera system won't be able to do what you want it to do, and you waste all of your money. If you spend too much, you still end up with a great system. 

These UL-Tech security cameras are "spending too little" where you run the risk of it not being able to do what you want it to do.

One of the common tricks with these low priced kits is they don't include a hard drive to record the footage. So you need to spend an additional $100+ just to get it working.

Another common trick is the DVR/NVR recording device is capable of recording in 1080p if you have 1080p cameras. However, many of the kits only come with 720p cameras.

An additional problem with white-labelled products like this is support is almost non-existent. After much searching, I was unable to find a support number or even an official website for UL-Tech.

XVR Pro App Missing - Solution

In January 2022, the app XVR Pro app that the ULTech NVRs used was removed from the Google Play and Apple App Store.

Here are some alternative applications for XVRPro that may work:

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